A place for research and thoughts, some critical musings.

Writings about the Algonquin and Nipissing peoples, relationships with colonizing peoples and colonization. Histories, stories, and things I come across. I will cite things as much as I remember to.

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Why am I reading Jesuit Relations and Champlain?

This text is so darn racist, so completely difficult to read. But there is importance to this… Reading directly the colonial perspective: The opinions and terms expressed in these encounters by the authors have had profound and lasting implications in colonial treatment and rhetoric of Indigenous people.While so many Champlain champions and white researchers beg…

Champlain and Scurvy

Champlain isn’t an easy read. I am reading an English translation that comes from The Champlain Society. From my own editorial perspective, I absolutely despise Champlain so far. He is a smug prick and utterly racist. The crumbs he hands out in fair compliments to Indigenous people are always built up to be some sort…

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